Walk Behind Leaf Blower Plans

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 Windrow those leaves
-it beats raking
Your yard and patio will stay clean as a whistle this fall
when you make yourself a leaf blower that whips up
an 80-mph wind. You buy the parts that are hard to build
ARE YOU TIRED of being a slave to a rake
every autumn? Then leave the rake in the garage
and mechanize the job with a leaf blower you
can make yourself. Next to having a giant
vacuum sweeper, the tornado-on-wheels shown
here makes the job of raking your lawn the
quickest yet. Pushed like a mower, it sends leaves
scurrying into a central pile as you circle the
lawn in a spiral pattern. It is three times as fast
as picking them up with a lawn sweeper, and if
your lawn is a sizable one you can save as much
as a day by using the blower instead of a rake.
Of course, you still have the job of lugging the
leaves away to be burned, but the time it takes
to rake the pile onto a tarp is a matter of minutes.
And leaf-raking isn’t the only job the blower will
do. The 80-mph airstream kicked up by the engine will scoot sticks and twigs right along with
Radial-arm saw simplifies accurate cutting of steel
angle. Stop block (left) assures an equal-length pair.
Miter is cut in one pass by feeding aluminum-oxide
blade slowly to prevent undue heating
the leaves, and the blower is great, too,







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