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Scaled down to fit your plot and pocketbook, but big enough to
carry grownups, midget trains offer fun for the whole family.
By Harry Walton
IVE the kids a train they can ride, Gand you’ll share in the fun, Backyard railroatlin~is a man-sized
hobby for all the family. Once you handle the throttle of a midget engine and
feel the thrust of drivers on rails, ordinary lnoclel railroading becomes a spectntor sport.
A passenger-carrying pike costs less
than you may think. It can give you
scope for as IIILIC~or as little time and
skill as you care to invest. Like its tinplate cousins, it can grow up along with
the children from year to year.
You don’t need a big lot. One type of
track can be laid in a circle as small a\
12′ across. Intercsting layouts can be put
on a city lot. Here’s what it takes:
A reasonably levcl space, preferably
at least 30′ by 40′.
As much cash as a modest electrictl,iiti I.iyu~~tYOU^^ cost.
Ordinary garden and hand tools.
One or more children so that you
can clnirn that you’re doing it for tltcrn.
What will it cost? For as little as $20






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