Snow Sled Airboat

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 mounted high on supporting members
bolted to the tear of the sled. A Crosley or
other small-car radiator is mounted between the vertical supports, and a sheetmetal duct is attached directly in front of
the radiator to direct the air over the gear
case to help cool the gears and water within. You’ll notice in Figs. 1 and 2 that two
pieces of steel angle are fastened to the
transom and to the screws of the lower
rubber motor mounts to prevent the motor
from swinging from side to side. With the
top of the radiator above the point of the
water pump, priming is no real problem.
The radiator can be drained in the normal
manner through a pet cock at the bottom.
Sealing the water system requires removing the cover plate on the upper gearcase housing and replacing it with a
heavier steel plate as shown in Fig. 3. A 3/8-
in. pipe nipple is brazed over a hole in one
end and then the plate is drilled and tapped
to suit the original mounting holes. Passage
to the water-intake screen is blocked with
a rubber block. To convert back to outboard use, remove the block and replace
the cover plate with the original.
To provide a connection for the returnwater hose, the cylinder head is removed
and a hole is drilled and tupped in the end
to take a 3/8-in. pipe nipple, Figs. 4 and 5.
A standard 3/8-in. pipe plug is used to close
this hole when converting back to outboard
use. A hole is required in the lower half of
the motor cover to accommodate the hose
nipple. Water is kept from entering the
exhaust by covering the port in the cylin







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