Snow Mobile Airboat

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 OUR WINTERS of hard use around
International Falls, Minn., and also in
neighboring Canada have proved the
Merrymaker snowmobile to be a practical,
rugged vehicle ideal for cold climates. The
thrust of a propeller driven by a Continental aircraft engine drives the vehicle over
snow and ice and, when it is necessary to
transport the snowmobile over dry highways, it becomes a “self contained” trailer.
In about 15 minutes two men can remove
the three runners, install two wheels and
the unit hooks to a trailer hitch on a car
for quick change of locations at highway
speeds. The easy transition from snowmobile to trailer was made possible on the
original because it is built on a modified
boat-trailer frame. Although it is possible
to build the snowmobile from the ground
up by using the dimensions and drawings
in this article, the modified trailer, which
includes the steering mechanism and adjustable clamps for holding the mount of
the aircraft motor is available from the
Otto P. Miller Trailer Co., Almena, Wis.
Use of the modified trailer will considerably simplify construction and save time.







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