Six Wheel ATV

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Your Own ATV
PECIALIZED vehicles can be a ball
but all of them bring to mind one
immediate drawback—cost. For something you may not use too often, justifying the expense could prevent your
having a lot of fun. The MI Marauder
licks this cost problem and adds safety
features not found on other ATVs at the
same time.
$1,500 is par for the course for an
ATV, but you can build this one for less
than $500. If you have some usablc parts
on hand, it can cost a whole lot less, but
about $500 is tops.
The MI Marauder is built like a tank
find has similar controls. Two sticks
start, shift and reverse the six wheels.
To go, you push both levers forward.
Pull back on them and you reverse.
Push one and pull the other to change
What’s an ATV? it’s an
All-Terrain Vehicle, that’s
what. And the most popular
now fun vehicle on the scene.
Here are complete plans
for building your own.
direction in the length of the machine
as one set of wheels goes forward and
the opposite set go backwards. Let go of
both handles and you come to a stop
Transaxle Automatic Transmission or
TAT as it’s called, works this magic
with an infinite number of gear ratios
from High to Low. The TATs coneshaped drive discs hold the secret that
makes it a clutch, variable speed transmission, and differential all in one. You
don’t have to build or assemble the TAT







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