Racer Type Car

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By Elmer V. Clark ance for bandsawing the curved sections at
both ends of each piece. Use waterproof
glue in the joints. After the glue is dry,
bandsaw the curved ends and plane and
sand the parts to the finished size. Apply a
coat of shellac to prevent absorption of
moisture. The side frames are joined near
the ends with long studs, or draw bolts, and
pipe spacers as shown on the blueprint on
a following page. Note that the front and
rear-spring shackles are mounted on the
draw bolts and that these must be left loose
so that the shackles can move freely. Note
also that the brake pedal is pivoted on the
same draw bolt as the front-spring shackles.
In this case two spacers are used to serve
only as collars to position the pedal. Exact
sizes of the draw bolts and spacers are not
Note especially the construction and
IVELY youngsters and craftsman fathers alike will get a thrill out of this
tiny play car, which looks and drives like a
real automobile except that it’s scaled down
to sidewalk-coaster size and travels at slow,
safe speeds. It’s driven by an auto starter
motor of the type having a built-in reduction gear and is fitted with a foot brake, lever-operated clutch, pneumatic tires and
a conventional steering gear. As pictured
above, the original car measures 58 in. overall length, with a 42-in. wheelbase and 20-
in. tread, but allowable variations in dimensions and the necessity of adapting certain
parts according to availability, may change
these dimensions slightly. For these reasons
certain dimensions have been purposely
omitted and adaptation or substitution of
parts has been left to the discretion of the
builder. An example is the length and type
of the springs specified in the construction
details. Obviously, these can be longer, or
even slightly shorter than the lengths given.
The side frames are of 2 x 2-in. oak and, in
order to avoid waste in forming the curved
ends, or lifts, the members are built up to
the rough shape by gluing together strips
of ¾-in. stock. Before gluing the strips together, be sure that there is ample allow







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