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 THOUGH It will never challenge its bigger, more powerful commercially produced cousins, this shop-built micromini-bike
will get you where you want to go for peanuts. Putting along—powered by its 3/4-hp
powerplant—the rig hits a racy 11 mph when
flat out—more than enough to get you out on
that backwoods jaunt or—with modification
for street use—to class, football practice or
part-time job with time to spare.
I used a 3/4-hp Olson and Rice engine (now
manufactured as O&R) mounted on an 1/8-in.
sheet of aluminum. The aluminum sheet in
turn is attached to the frame with four 4-1/4″
. U-bolts. (The bolts permit quick adjustment of the chain tension.) Depending upon
the rider’s bulk, the little bike may or may
not take a steep hill. On occasion I’ve had to
dismount and tote her up a hill under my
The beauty of the bike is the practicality
of its size. It gives me comfortable, efficient
commutation to and from school, and there’s
no parking problem. I simply chain it to a
parking meter or telephone pole.
To make it, you’ll need at least 12 to 15 ft.
TO ILLUSTRATE SMALL SIZE, bike-builder Schatzlein is shown parking his mini-bike in school lock







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