Motor Scooter Part 2

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 WE’RE now ready to go ahead on the
second and final lap in the building
of Super Scooter. The first thing to do
is to install the rear springs, Photo No. 11.
These are of the compression type, 1-1/2 in.
in diameter and, when extended, 9 in. long.
They are held in place by two 11-in. lengths
of 1/4-in. drill rod that pass through holes
drilled in the rear-wheel frame and the
3/16×2-in. spring support. Collars made from
3/4-in. drill rod go over the ends of these
spring retainers and are secured with setscrews.
Next, the rear-wheel assembly is undertaken. The wheel is a General Jumbo,
14×4:50×6, with ball-bearing rim. Also
needed is a 33-tooth sprocket, obtainable
at your local bicycle supply store. To bring
the sprocket out the proper distance from
the wheel hub, cut five spacers, 3-1/2 in.
long, from 1/8-in. standard pipe. The wheel.
spacers, and sprocket all appear in Photo
No. 14. The brake drum and face plate
are detailed in Fig. 5. Turn them down
to their proper diameters on a lathe, using
1-in. boiler plate for the drum and 1/4-in.
boiler plate for the face plate. For the







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