Lawn Trailer Plans

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Handy trailer
for yard tracs
A little wagon building
gives you big load-hauling
capacity to save time
and your back
in yard work
• IF YOU’VE INVESTED in one of those popular
garden tractors or riding mowers, this handy cart
will give you extra benefits.
It would cost about three times as much to get
similar features in a commercial cart, and you
can cut building costs in half if you can swipe a
wheel or two from obsolete wheelbarrows.
Built to the dimensions shown on the opposite
page, the cart has a heaped capacity of about 7-1/2
cu. ft., or roughly 1000 lbs. of dirt or stone. With
the stake sides in place, it will haul a huge pile of
leaves, grass clippings or trash. It takes 5-1/2-7 hp
to haul half-ton loads, so if your power unit has
less, you’ll either have to make a smaller trailer
or be careful how you load this one.
The body is 3/4-in. exterior plywood, assembled






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