How to Make Your Own Kite Plans

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REQUIRING no tails to balance them in
flight, here are three easy-to-make
kites which will give you a lot of fun both
in constructing and flying them. While dimensions given for the French war kite,
Fig. 1, should be followed closely to assure
perfect balance, the kite can be made any
size provided the dimensions are increased
proportionately. The sticks shoul d be
lightweight wood such as bass, pine spruce

or ash. Slots V2 in. deep, to take the strings,
are cut in the ends of each stick forming
the outer edge of the kite.
Now, begin assembling the pieces by
laying the two upright sticks on the table,
spacing them 12 in. apart, and lay the up –
per crossbar over these in the position
shown in Fig. 1. The sticks are notched
32 in. where they intersect and are cemented with shellac and bound together
in the manner shown. The lower crossbar
is next notched to lap slightly over the
uprights, being glued and bound as before.
Now, to keep the kite from buckling, run a
string through the slots in the sticks and
lash the ends as shown. The center up –
right is fitted in place, this being supported
at each end with notched sticks to form a







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