How to Make a Boomerang Plans

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gether to form the completed shape, using a half-lap
joint. You can use a regular
half lap or one wit h a center piece set in as indicated,
the latter being stronger. A
joint is necessary to prevent
splitting in the center. Follow the photo s and diagrams in gluing up the joint.
The top surface is rounded
and the bottom is flat except at the tips where it is
beveled. If you thro w lefthanded, bevel the corners
opposite thos e indicated.
Norma l flight is shown below. The diagram s also
show some of the results of
fault y construction an d how
to correct them. In throw –
ing, use plenty of wris t action for a fast spin, yet not
too much, as indicated in
the lower left hand diagram . Test the boomerang
on a calm da y as it is erratic in a breeze






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