How to Build the Falling Blocks

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 How to Make Falling Blocks
Procure a thin board large enough
to cut six blocks, 2 in. wide and 3 in.
long; also 2 yd. of cotton tape, .250″
wide, and some very small
tacks. Cut the board into
pieces of the size mentioned,
and number two of them on
both surfaces, 1, 2, 3, and
4. Cut off three pieces of tape, 4.75″
long, and on the side of block 1 tack
one piece of tape in the center at one
end, and the other two pieces at
each edge on the opposite end,
all being on one side of the block
as shown. Take the other block and
lay the side numbered 4 up, then draw
the two strips of tape on the edges of
block 1 under it and back to the end
of the surface on block 4, and tack them
on this surface at the edges as shown.
The center tape is passed under block
4 and turned over the opposite end and
tacked. This is clearly shown in the
sketch. Thus the second block will
hang from either end of block 1 by
simply folding them together and separating the ends







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