How to Build a Toboggon

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 Making a Coasting Toboggan
SSENTIALS of a good toboggan,
whether for coasting or use in
transportation, are strength and lightness, and when it is to be made in the
home shop, the construction must be
simple. That shown in the illustration,
and detailed in the working sketches,
was designed to meet these requirements. The materials for the toboggan
proper and the forms over which it is
bent, may be obtained at small expense.
Smoothness of finished surface, freedom from tendency to splinter, and
ability to stand up under abuse being
requisite qualities in the wood used to
make a toboggan, three varieties may
be mentioned in their order of merit:
hickory, birch, and oak. Birch is softer
than hickory and easily splintered, but
acquires an excellent polish on the
bottom. Oak stands bending well, but
does not become as smooth on the
running surface as close-grained woods.
Do not use quarter-sawed oak because
of the cross-grain flakes in its structure.
While the best toboggan is made of
a single board, both the securing of







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