How to Build a Powered Car Model

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SCAMPER Using an air propeller, this model
zips along at 4.0 mph as a car and
By Paul Del Gatto does 20 as a skkquipped boat.
BUILT as a car, this model is a supercharged bundle of energy. Freerunning, it surges forward as if shot
from a cannon and tops 40 mph. Most
people won’t have the space to let it
go and will have to use a tether. Even
at’that, it will do better than 35.
Personally, our favorite version is the
one featuring the hydro-ski arrangement. Though not as fast as the car,
20 mph is stillvery high for a boat of this
size. Yet it isn’t the speed that impresses us so much as the sight of this
unusual water bug rising up on the skis.
The air prop lends to the fascination by
creating the illusion of some weird form
of aircraft skimming across the water.
Of course you may experience a somewhat different type of reaction, but one
thing is certain: no matter which version you try, you will enjoy it every bit
as much as we did.
The chief material used in the construction of the model is balsa wood:
However, if you have hardwood handy don’t hesitate to use it. It may mean a
few more hours work on the construction, but the time lost there will be made
up when it comes to applying the finish.
Hardwood, of course, also makes a more
durable model.
Beginning with the main hull, cut out
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