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You don’t need a trailer or a station wagon to haul this
kart to a track-you can drive it there on public roads!
By R. J. Capotosto
RIVING a kart is a real thrill.
Seated on a low-slung frame only
inches from the ground, you teel as if
you’re doing 80 mph when you’re doing
20. Yet it’s surprisingly safe. The low
center of gravity and a width two-thirds
the length make it almost impossible to
flip a kart in a tight turn. Just about
everyone who tries a kart gets the urge
to own one—and if you’ve got that urge,
you get a bonus in building the MI
Highway Kart.
Since karts are generally driven on
special tracks, it is not necessary to register them. However, transporting a
CLAMPS and a piece of angle-iron hold
kingpin brackets in position for welding.
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